Saturday, May 06, 2006

I’ve once crossed the world of hell. I’ve experienced loving beyond compare, tried reaching for a star that never shown his lights for me. He has been so harsh giving me all the darkness and pain. I was so blind to see that he can never be the missing piece in my puzzle. Fool, that’s what I am. Trying to believe in a dream that can never be a reality. Blind that I have never seen he was not meant for me. Still, I pushed my luck. I tried so hard to complete the puzzle by myself. It was too late to notice that the hourglass stopped. It shattered into my face as if it was a bomb that exploded beyond control. Slowly I stood up wounded. I saw a small piece of gem, I saved it and it grew. Later it became the reason for me to move on. I’ve never reached the star but somehow that small precious gem was enough to give me the light I needed to brighten my path. I lived my life everyday with the memory of the star and with the piece of gem I kept in my heart. I always have lots of questions in my heart. Searching for the answers that I never found.

Slowly, swiftly I continued walking in my rocky wounded path. Believing that somewhere along the way I will see a light. But these hopes drifted apart. I’ve lived my life with anger, fear and hurt. Never ever wanting to see another star. Contented with the light that my precious little gem is giving me.

Suddenly, as if the world stops revolving, the sun stop shining that’s when I saw how beautiful the star above me is shining. He was calling my name. I tried ignoring it but it was too late to stop myself. I was stunned with the twinkling of his light, too amazed with the brightness of him. It was never hard to reach him, suddenly all my fears & angers were gone. It has been erased with a single smile. He asked me to stay. Without a second thought I did, with my precious gem in my heart. It was then I’ve found the answer to my long awaited dream. The answer to all my prayer. The light I’ve been dreaming to see. The world I’ve been longing to live.
Now, as I fall into sleep, I know he’s there watching me, as I slowly drift into my awakedness, I know he’s there to watch over me, and as I open my eyes each morning, I know he’s there to guide me thru the day.

You just don’t know how thankful I am that you’re in my life now. You’ve changed everything. You’ve brought so much joy, love & happiness back to me. And now as I drift into the oblivion of my sleep, I know that you’ll be there. I want to take this moment to express how my heart beats for your name and longs for your kisses and embrace.

Forever my heart will never ever let go of you. Because forever my heart will only be for YOU…

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I'd GiVe My LiFe FoR YoU

you who I cradled in my arms, you
asking as little as you can
little snip of a little man
I know I'd give my life for you

you didn't ask me to be born, you
why should you learn of war or pain
to make sure you're not hurt again
I swear I'd give my life for you

I've tasted love beyond all fear
and you should know it's love that brought you here
and in one perfect night
when the stars burned like new
I knew what I must do

I'll give you a million things I'll never own
I'll give you a world to conquer when you're grown

you will be who you want to be, you
can choose whatever heaven grants
as long as you can have your chance
I swear I'll give my life for you

sometimes I wake up
reaching for him
I feel his shadow brush my head
but there's just moonlight on my

was he a ghost? was he a lie
that made my body laugh and cry?
then, by my side, the proof I see:
his little one, gods of the sun, bring him to me!

you will be who you want to be, you
can choose whatever heaven grants
as long as you can have your chance
I swear I'll give my life for you

no one can stop what I must do
I swear I'll give my life for you.

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